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Me (Matty, Existential Autist) discussing and educating neurotypicals about disability, mental health and care, 2019

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Text box one: We’re responsible for our unethical research?
Text box two: By not listening to autistics, we are damaging them?
Text box three: No, it is autistics that suffer with the consequences of our research that are wrong
Text box one : Neurotypical Led Autistic ‘Charities’ Text Box two : Autism Certificates Text box three : Is this achieving actual Autistic Acceptance?
Text Box One : Hard To Swallow Pills For Ableists and Behaviourists Text Box Two: Observations And Judgements On Behaviour Does Not Give A Holistic View And Picture Of An Autistic Person

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I’m currently planning a new exclusively autistic led spoken word poetry, art and performance night. If you would be interested in being involved in planning and taking part in this, please do email me: existentialautist@hotmail.com

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Hello there 👋

Hey, my name is Matty, AKA Existential Autist, He/him, I’m a proudly autistic, dyslexic and dyspraxic philosophy graduate, neurodivergent advocate, activist and spoken word artist and performer from the North East of England.  

I’ve set up this space to share my spoken word poetry, philosophy and general musings ranging from topics around autism, being autistic, philosophy, politics and am open to suggestions on new writing topics from our #ActuallyAutistic community on Twitter.

I’m extremely passionate and committed to sharing, learning and advocating for the rights and emancipation of actually autistic people, no matter race, gender, sex or sexual orientation, all autistics deserve respect, autonomy and the right to be heard and truly accepted.

I campaign, advocate and work towards true authentic autistic acceptance throughout society, and I aim for this website to be a source of knowledge, comfort and empowerment for all autistics.

During the last six years, within the North East of England, I have been part and have led mental health, disability and autism conferences, forum’s and support groups. From this I have learnt so much about the value of lived experience, autism, mental health and the value of believing the subject and their unique and valid needs and wants in regards to support, identity and believing their stories and situations. I was nominated for the Pride Of Newcastle Awards associated with my work and advocacy through Newcastle University, which was an absolute honour. Campaigning everyday in the North East for increased funding and autistic led research and programs. Also during my time studying philosophy, I led various political and advocacy groups within the North East. In addition to this I also founded an independent music society that won a university award for best new society of the year, and also was the fastest growing in Newcastle at the time.

At the start of last year, I revealed to the political and social justice circles I was leading and involved in that I was autistic, and that there was a massive lack of actual representation for autistic people and our rightful wants and needs. Also, because I have always spoken out on corruption and hypocrisy, which those with something to cover up certainly do not like. Sadly from this, I was accused of lying about being autistic and about abuse I received, and that I was making it up to “get attention” and that there “was no way a confident, performer like me could be actually autistic” during this time I was thus removed from groups and accused of lies, and all sorts of smears that significantly effected my mental health, leading to vast depression and being discommunicated. From this I have underwent therapy, and this website and blog shall be a place to reflect on my lived experience, to overcome the prejudice, hate and contempt for an autist like myself and millions of other’s.

Within the last year, I completed my Philosophy BA writing my dissertation titled “Can and how can an Autistic subject live authentically in contemporary neo-liberal, capitalist society?” which received praise among philosophers, academics and autists due to my dissertations originality, honesty and paradigm shifting. I aim to share this work with you all in time, and the work shall be reflected in my works, philosophy and advocacy more broadly.

Philosophy graduation, 2021
Philosophy Society Winter Ball
Leading a men’s mental health conference, 2017
Mental health conference, 2017
Spoken word night
Indie Society, 2018
Stop The War Coalition, Newcastle, 2015 (I’m in the green mac with the hoody)
Welcoming Jeremy Corbyn to the North East, leading Newcastle Student’s Labour Society in 2019, Middlesbrough, during the General Election Campaign (on the right hand side, for once)

I also have spent many years campaigning for social justice more broadly, leading and participating in various anti war and anti austerity groups and movement more widely.

Only when autists come together for the betterment of all through subjective lived experience and an awarness and acceptance of the holistic picture of ‘society’ shall we move towards an enlightened and truly accepting #autistic future, with the autonomy in our hands forevermore.

Feel free to get in touch if you are wishing to collaborate, for interviews and are interested in existential/authentic philosophy, activism and spoken word poetry. 

Find me and follow me on Twitter  @ExistentialAut1 

On Twitter there is much more content and threads for free for all.

Email me at 

Love, strength and serenity. EA ❤

Existential Autist, 2021

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